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  USED KWIK-LIFT BARGAINS? There are folks out there selling used Kwik-lifts. Should you buy one? Are they real Kwik-lifts? How do you know if they are the genuine article and what is best for you and your car's safety? Click here to find out the full story.

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Get an authentic Kwik-Lift shipped to you within two business days. Choose your Kwik-Lift here with the Basic Package or the Full Package. Also pick your accessories out here, including the centerlift bridge and casters to put your Kwik-Lift on wheels.

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  Corvette Testimonial

KWIK-LIFT - "Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread!"

"My quick-lift is the greatest thing since sliced bread, I feel safe working under my car, plenty of head room and I have never felt unsafe doing anything. This is by far the best tool I have ever bought to work on a car and the $ Price $ was right."

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  The Kwik-Lift FAQ


How high does Kwik-Lift go? Can it stay flat? How does Kwik-Lift get shipped? Can I remove tires from my car when it's on the lift?

Find out the answers to these question and more in our FAQ.

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KWIK-LIFT Information Video

Learn all about how Kwik-lift was developed for you, the car enthusiast, to provide a way to let you work on your cars in comfort and safety, right in your own garage.

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KWIK-LIFT Instructional Video

Kwik-lift is easy for you, the car enthusiast, to assemble and start using in a matter of minutes. This instructional video shows you all the steps and features of the Kwik-lift.

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Using the included Centerlift Bridge with your Kwik-lift you can easily remove the wheels on your chariot and service brakes and other hard to get at items.

Only Kwik-lift, the system designed by and for car enthusiasts makes all your modification and maintenance work so easy.

Check out more mores to use your Kwik-lift system here on our Kwik-lift Uses page.


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